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problems so far

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Hello this is my first post on the site,ive just found it after yet more problems with my 53 plate 2.0 tdci zetec.
I bought the car from a Vauxhall dealer in Hartlepool in feb 2007 and for the first 4 months enjoyed trouble free fast and comfortable motoring and honestly thought it was a really good car,the dealer give me a free 3 month warranty and wanted £225 to extend it for 1 year,this was declined as i know enough people in the trade for mechanical repairs.First problem to hit me was the alternator packed up, went to my mates garage for job to be done and found the alternator was a dealer only part at £ 165 plus vat,by the time he had put his £40 on for fitting i was £205 down and hoping that was the only problem i would have.I was wrong,air con pipe next £45 plus vat and another £65 in gas and labour,then at the service the car had a water leak on the thermostat housing, worn brake disks, rear wheel bearings,washer pump was ineffective(later found to be kink in pipe)total for all jobs £411.Got my mate to do them all for £250 and thought nothing else can go wrong now....

Then on a trip to the in-laws in york the car went into get home mode,wouldnt rev past 2000 , engine light on and black smoke from exhaust.Father in law has a paint shop near a ford dealer so he took it their and drove straight into service area and spoke to a mechanic who said it would be my EGR,he plugged his PC into my scart near steering wheel and found the fault, he was right it was the EGR,he then updateed my system and said if i have anymore problems just let him know and dont go through the sevice manager who is trained to say he knows of no problems with the EGR or of any other c-max's doing this.Well ive gone on enough hope this helps others oh by the way front wheel bearings have now gone Ford told me they are a dealer part only at £75.15 per side as it comes with the hub unit,told my mate this and he rang euro auto parts who quote £17 plus vat for them,thanks Ford at least Dick Turpin wore a mask.
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Hi and welcome to the club.
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hi and weclcome

when i got our tdci 2.0 ghia with a ford warranty the first thing i did as with all my cars i buy i took it around to my mate who is a mechanic to have a good look over that way i get all the things that are wrong fixed start away. he has saved me a fortune in repairs and cost the dealers a lot of money which is good for me
and bad for them
.most of the things that he has found are mot failers, even if the cardoesnt need one best to get checked before warranty runs out.
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Hi, thanks for the replys i forgot to mention in my first post that the aircon went again in august this year i took it to an aircon specialist who told me the condensor is cracked at the mounting bracket and its not the first one he has seen.I never got it repaired as a new one was over £200 and then more for fitting and i dont know if i will keep the car.I have since found one on Aircon direct.com for £95 delivered so i might get one yet.The problems i've had surprised me as my wife has a 2001 focus 1.6 lx which has honestly never had a thing go wrong with it in the 4 years she has had it so i was expecting the same with this car and when its not got a problem its a really nice car to drive.
The Air con on my car has broken 3 times in the past 4 months meaning I have needed new pump , new condensor , new pipes , new radiater ,and now the clutch mechanism has gone in it.
its a good job we had a crap summer and i didnt need it.whats your overall thoughts on the car?i love it when its going well and all my problems have been spaced over 20 months of ownership but i am thinking of trading it if it has any more problems,only thing is i dont know what i want.
For all its faults I do like the car I just have some serious issues with its reliability. I have never owned a car wereI am always worrying what will go wrong next with my c max I do. I know cars go wrong but with mine it is just one thing after another and parts are not cheap adding to the worry. Ihave had it a year now and this is no joke I must have had over£2000 worth of work done to it. I had a used car warrenty so never had to pay but air con is broke again now and warrenty is up so I am left with a nice fat bill to pay. I have decided whatever car I get next will have as few gadgets on as possible that way less to go wrong. As long as I have central locking and a cd player I will be happy.
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