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Premium speakers

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I have recently purchased a new c-max titanium model and unfortunatly ithad the wrong stereohead unit and speakers fitted.I have to wait for the correct unit to arrive at a local ford body shop for it to be fitted.It currently has 6 speakers, 4 front and 2 rear. It should have an extra 2 speakers in the rear. Where are the extra rear speakers located and are theythe same as thesmall front speakers?I also want to know if the speakers already fitted are the correct ones as Ford state that the Titanium model comes with 8 'premium' speakers. In other words is the key difference just 2 additional speakers or are all the speakers different i.e. of a higher quality.


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Hi there

Can you tell me the out come of this?

My CMX Titanium arrived with exactly the same problem!


Unfortunatley still not resolved. The supplying dealer passed the info on to my local dealer who failed to contact me. I chased them and the guy I spoke to was not helpful and didn't appear interested.

I faxed and posted a strong letter of complaintto the supplying dealer and they called to say they would talk to a senior person at my local branch. The senior person did call last Thursday to confirm the parts would be ordered once she had spoken to the person I originally spoke to. No call since, so will chase-up tomorrow as I gave a deadline of 13 May for this to be resolved.

A big problen is that no one can confirm if the speakers are of a higher grade for the Sony system or where the additional 2 rear speakers go. I am concerned that panels will have to be removed/replaced on a brand new car. I also don't want inferior speakers.

Also noticed that the rear courtesy light doesn't have reading lights as stated in the specification list, so that's to be replaced too.

I'll keep you posted with any updates and let me know how you get on with yours, thanks.

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Any further progress on this? My dealer can't source the parts so their on back order from Europe? What a joke.
My dealer said that the system didn't provide the correct part info for my reg no. It gave 12 options but gave the Ford 6000 as the correct head unit.After another week they asked if they could have a look at the car to verify the trim colour, asfar asI am aware the parts are on order.

Also the rear courtesy light is the wrong one, no reading lights, the dealer say they won't replace itas it will cost themas Ford won'tchange it under warranty. I think I'll wait until the stereo is sorted and then push the light issue.

These issues wouldn't matter if they were resolved quickly, shame really as the car is excellent, just poor customer service from Ford.

I will let you/group know when there's an update. Good luck.

Mines finally been done. Correct Sony stereo fitted with 2 extra speakers in rear door panels.

The only anoying this with the sony stereo is that it dosen't display the frequency for preset stations.
My dealer fitted the sony stereo, better speakers front and new rear door trims with the extra speakers yesterday.Problem: The bluetooth & voice control module doesn't work. They tried a module from another car - still doesn't work, they checked the stereo in another car which works. Aftercontacting Ford technical they now think the car was originally wiredto only accept the standard Ford stereo rather than the Sony model even though the Titanium should come with the Sony as standard.
Currently I can't use the car as the dash is inpieces andhave been given a Fiesta courtesy car. They don't know what to do and the manager won't allow much more time to fix it. They are going to see if a specialist can help, if not I am going to seek legal advice from the Which legal team.

Are there any specialists on this forum or anyone with a similar issue?

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If you paid for the particular item to be fitted and it hasn't been then I would suggest you start looking at the sale of goods Act. I would suggest that if it doesn't get fixed then you have a right to negotiate either a reduction on the price or a total refund.

You perhaps ought to start with trading Standards and get there opinion as to where to start before jumping in and saying anything that might be construed as having accepted any particular action the dealer may have made
Have a good look at this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/x-ray/x_guides/cars/car1-1-5.shtml

This will help deal with the problem and how to reject it.
Thanks Richard

I am going to wait for a response from the misbuild team as this is a known issue as a few Titanium models have had the wrong stero systems fitted. If they can't resolve the problem I will seek advice from the Which legal team as I am a member.

I have stated in a letter to the dealer that they are in breech of contract due to the car not being as described in the brochure/spec list etc. The act states the problem should be resolved with minimal inconvience to the customer, so far I,ve been without the car for two days and it's still in bits.

Ford customer relations don't want to know and don't care saying 'they don't deal with these issue'. Anyway we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks lawe, some good points there.

Hi all
My Titanium came with the wrong stereo fitted too. The dealer ordered the right one and fitted it within days as they said it would cause problems with my warranty. Reading your posts regarding the rear speakers i have noticed that mine has only got the one speaker in each rear door. Where does the second speaker go. Its going back in to the garage on Wed to have a new bumper fitted so im going to mention the speakers.

Mines going in again on the 16th for up to 3 days just to get the stereo and bluetooth/voice control to work together. The dealer has been trying for over a month now with nojoy, collected the car 21st April!! They can't get the computer to re-map the modules and say mine looks different to other models they've seen. I think (but could be wrong) that because it's an FFV modelit has a different ECU and they have overlooked this fact and are attempting to load the incorrect data which the car rejects.

Anyway the rear speakers are very small and are located under the door handles. In total there are 8 speakers. The front speakers are also different and should be replaced. So far with mine they have:-

- Replaced the rear door trims as the extra speakers are a part of the trim
- Removed the front door trims to replace the speakers with a higher spec set which are designed to match the Sony system's output
- Ordered and attempted to fit the Sony head unit, which currently won't wotk

For now the 6000 unit is back in, but even the 6000 sounds a lot better with the better speakers, I hope the Sony is even better.

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Looks like i`m going to have have all my door trims replaced too like yourself.. I didnt know if the extra set in the back was behind the same grill at the bottom but you have just confirmed that they are seperate. I might as well move into that garage. seem to be spending all my time down there recently. Its booked in tomorrow to finally have the bumper problem fixed after 4 previous failed attempts. I wonder how many more visits it will take to get the speaker problem sorted.
Its been in today and had its bumper sorted. I mentioned the speakers. They agreed that there should be four in the back and they removed one of the door trims to check if the premium speakers had been fitted. They hadnt. They have contacted Ford and are waiting forthe work to beauthorised. Its going back in after my holiday to have it all changed over. The guy at the garage reckons itover £700 worth of parts.. Good ol Ford.. Makes you think that there should be some one sitting at the end of the production line checking the specs of these cars coming off it.
Sorted at last. Dealer had to order a new stereo as advised by ford technical. So now have a new Sony 2nd generation 6 disc head unit and everything works perfectly.

nice one ste good outcomenow what music are you going to play ..... its girls aloud isnt it
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lazyb said:
nice one ste good outcomenow what music are you going to play ..... its girls aloud isnt it
Who told you....If my 10 year old daughter has anything to do with it then yes or High School Musical!

Will be driving270 miles to South Devon soon so at least one CD has to be mine.

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In the "good ole days" of tapes my long journeys were often accompanied by Tina private dancing or "the boss"

My long journeys using tapes normally used to end with a tape getting chewed up!
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