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Power loss and overheating

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I've had my 2004 2.0tdci Ghia c-max for 3 months now.
I went through a bit of a puddle a couple of weeks ago and that resulted in instant power loss, however this went away after a couple of miles. It wasn't severe power loss, and there were no warning lights. I was travelling at around 60mph, and it just didn't want to rev further than it already was. The car was fine for over a week afterwards, and then there was a slight murmur of the same thing, but only for a couple of seconds. Today, coming home from work, it happened again, but this time, a couple of minutes later the engine overheat warning came on and put the car in official limp mode. I eased off the accelerator and the temp gauge BOUNCED back to halfway! It did this for the remaining 45 minute drive home. The temp could not have been accurate because of the speed it would move from overheating to below halfway. When I got home, the engine wasn't any hotter than normal and the car is idling perfectly. When I turned the engine off, the cooling fan kicked in. It doesn't normally, as I don't belt it home! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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I just wondering if that "puddle" might of knocked the sensor slightly ajar and not making full contact?
I hope it's that simple. Where abouts is this sensor? Also, how do you take the engine cover off. I can't see any screws, but I don't want to force it.
Thanks for the reply.
The engine cover will come easily, just pop it off!

As for the fault, I would see ifyourCMax has anyfault codes stored. That would at least send you in the right direction. This might involve a trip to a Ford dealer or try and find a garage that has a reader. They might do it for a few quid!
Where abouts in the UK do you live? Might be able to suggest a place
One other thing you could do is test the instrument cluster, to ensure all is working correctly.
To do this:
Insert Key into ignition
Press and keep hold the trip/reset button
Switch key to position II and wait.
On the LCD it should then come up with Test mode. The first test it should do is the dials, which should all sweep. This at least will check the the needles!
Thanks for the info. Does the cover 'pop' towards you, or up? I've just booked my car in with a local garage in hull that is quite new but specialises in fords. Former Ford technicians etc. Will let you know what they say. At least they listened to the problem in detail over the phone, unlike a lot of Ford franchised dealerships.
if you put your hand at the bottom of the cover and in the middle and lift it will pop out.
It is held in by three ball and cup mounts. I was afraid at first but now I know...!!
I wonder if you have got excess moisure in a junction / fuse box as a result of the pudel and are getting extraneous connctions that are causing some of these electrically related problems

Even the fuel / hesitation may well be temperature related

I did first think about water in the alternator but that would have put the warning light on straight away and with it being diesel there are none of the excess water ignition HT lead problems to give the hesitation problems

start from the wheel that went through the puddle and look for where water could have got into an electrical connection junction box
Well, I took it to the garage, and it turns out that I HAD lost all my coolant, and that the engine WAS overheating. The problem was a leaking water pump. They are changing the water pump and the cambelt. I will be £400 lighter when I go to pick it up. I just hope that it's the last of my car troubles for a while! Thanks for the replies guys.
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