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pollen filter

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cant find the pollen filter any ideas as to where its located i havelooked everywhere
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Thanks shortncurly your a star,pollen filter gets done this weekend.
Thanks shortncurly your a star,pollen filter gets done this weekend.
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Just replaced my Pollen filter today ready for the summer!! It wasn't too bad a job to do, however it is not the easiest place to get to.

Thanks for the link, it helped a lot!! :-D
If anyone wants they can have a PDF of the Ford TIS version of the instruction
Hi - Can you please send me the PDF of the Ford Version as I can't find the Pollen filter anywhere !

Here are the instructions to change the cabin filter : http://www.mann-hummel.com/mf_prodkata_all/einbau/HBuhjxrQ.pdf
(Mann is one of the largest filter manufacturer)

As you can see there, it is not an easy change, because you have to remove the gas pedal in order to open the filter box. It is a very tight place down there and there is very little room.
Please note that the MANN instructions are for a LHD model and not UK though this still comes out to the left
Then you are lucky. You should have better access to the filter than I do (I live in a country where we drive on the right side of the road :) )
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