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Plastic engine cover

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Hi All

Can anyone please tell me how I remove the black plastic engine cover that appears to be covering my spark plugs, i have carefully tried pulling and pushing but can see no obvious way of it coming off and I dont want to force it and break it, am sure its something simple.Its a 2005 1.8l petrol Ghia
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hi it is very simple to do you first romove the oil filler neck which sticks out above the engine cover you do this by twisting it to the left then gently pull on the rear left and right corners of the engine cover and the back will come off then if you pull in the middle of the coverat the front and it will come off all together it is only held on by three rubbers at the back after removing check all three are still in place as they are lost very easy hope this helps
thanks will try that, i knew it had to be something like that just didnt want to force it, end up breaking it, then seeing how i should have done it in the first place!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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