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Picked up the new car today

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6 weeks earlier then we were originally quoted we collected our C-max today.
Its a 2.0l auto Titanium with sport pack 3 and privacy glass.
I absolutely love it, the higher driving position is much better for getting in and out as i have a bad back and the driving position is excellent.
I had a test drive in a c-max with 16inch wheels so i was a little worried that having 18's would make the ride a bit crashy but its not at all.
Having fun at the moment playing with all the buttons etc. You can change the weight of the steering through the menu which is a nice feature i didn't know about.

Anyway heres a few photos.

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Getting them when I next go in there for the others people have ordered.
That looks awsome

I must say that I agree on the ride height as I have done my back in (again and not even doing anything over the top either
)and getting in and out of the CMax is just perfect.
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Hi nice car,

I have the same model but with the 1.8 TDCi engine, really love the car.


I want one! I want one !
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