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We've had our new c max just over a day and the only problem I have is that somehow the dealer fitted 2 different number plates to the car. They have no idea how it has happened, the rear number plate is correct but the front number is from a different car. Phoned the dealer straight away and he has got a new front number plate made which we'll get fitted tomorrow.

Aside from that issue we are loving our new c max, its a 2.0 tdci Titanium powershift in mars red with optional 18 inch alloys and city pack.

Its a really good looking car, just a slightly taller ford focus. Having had a the car a day the photos in the brouchure don't do the c max any justice, its a much better lloking car in real life, definitely a big improvement on the previous model. We really like the colour we chose, mars red, more orange then red though, the car really stands out from the crowd.

I would definitly recommend the 18 inch alloys as they fill the wheel arches really well, I also think this new c max has lower suspension as standard because there is very little gap between the tops of the tyres and the body work, where as on the previous model there was a much bigger gap.

The ride is very good even with the 18 inch wheels, it rides much better over bumpy and uneven roads than the previous model. The seats are comfy and supportive with plenty of adjustment.

The interior is a big improvement over the previous c max, very stylish inside as well as out. The red ambient lighting looks great at night. The interior looks and feels like a real quality product. The Sony sound system is very good and is a doddle to use, there is a USB port to connect a mp3 player which can then be controlled from the steering wheel. This car has so much more as standard than the previous model, cruise control, dual climate control, voice control, some of it I haven't had a chance to use yet though.

Our previous car was a 2008 c max with a 2.0 petrol engine and 4 speed auto box so the new car is completely different animal. The 2.0 tdci and powershift box are a great match, its so smooth that you hardly notice when it changes up or down the gears. The engine has more then enough power for real world driving, 0-60 in 10.1 seconds doesn't sound quick but it feels much quicker on the road, especially when you put your foot down in auto mode and the gearbox drops a few gears, then you really start to shift, certainly puts a smile on my face.

I'm delighted with the fuel consumotion, the computer is showing 37 mpg and thats all town driving. In the old car I would be lucky to see 25mpg at best around town.

One small disappointment is there's no storage compartments in the boot. Apart from this very minor thing I'm delighted with our new car.

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