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hi everyone this has nothing at all to do with a problem i have with my car but i am so chuffed that i have to tell people this today my brother went to look at a sh*troen picasso at my local motornation while there i spoke to a dealer who had previously had spoke to me about buying a carwhile talking to him he noticed i had a few car park dents on my car which were there when i brought it from another dealer he then and i am shockedat this got all the dents taken out fornothing so i had four car park dents removed which at a cost of £35 each means my car looks mint and i saved £140i also got to take a drive in a sh*troen picasso which now has made me love my c max even more could this day get any better
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My next door neighbor has just bought his wife a picasso,guess they must have had a big fight as she loves our C-max & was desperate to have one.
No blood wagons yet !!
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my brother who has gone totally mad on themdrove a o5 picasso with 38000 on the clock and i swear it is a car thats made to a budget the whole look and feel of the car was very cheap on this one the leather on thesteering wheel was all coming off the seat belts were all frayed and looked like they were ready to bereplaced and the interior trim was all flakingand it just has cheap plastic everywereit has made me feel alot better about my c max now
I can`t stand em,don`t like cars that are made from chewing gumstring & tin !!
Hi guys i used to have one absolute gutless wonder and mine was the 2.0 hdi i even tried a tuning box but then it made the clutch slip got rid after that. I`m not a speed freak but its nice to overtake in safety.
it is a good job my brother will not read this his going to buy one but i totally agree a very cheap feeling car this one was falling apart on a 05 plate i told my brother his kids will wreck it in seconds but he really does like them wonders never sease
I did look at one some while back (don't know why, I think I justed wanted a laugh!) before obtaining the c-max but agree with all above.
Personally, It might be a family car, but it will not last five secondswith the kids in the back. Imagine: "Dad, what does this handle do?" "which one son?" "The one in my hand

Oh and you lucky bar steward! Dent free what luck
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my brother is not looking for a new picasso he is only looking to spend £3000 this one was &6000 but he has never drove one so we went and made out like he was going to buy one for cash so they were very helpful and he got his test drive and loved it and when they did my dents i was in total shock but i felt a bit guilty as the only reason i think they did them was because the were thinking my brother was going to give them £6000 and i knew full well he was not buying a car from there but still i was not going to say no no matter how guilty i would feel afterwards and my car looks mint now and i suppose with the way the world is nowadays and how expensive everything is why not get somethink for nothink it dont happen to oftern
First blood to neighbours wife,Hubby came out yesturday morning to clean his car & was sporting a black eye,he said he banged his head in the shower.Had to get back in to my house as I was about to fall over laughing.They have 4 1/2 year old twins & already have pulled n/s rear door trim off .Still laufghing now,that`s why I`m awake at this time in the morning.
and i meant to put it in capitals i dont want to be told off for having a big mouth again

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Decided to really put cat amongst pigeons & have just put a C-Max brouchure through their letterbox
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i agree he will most likely get a smack in the other eye now for making his family a laughing stock
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micky hows your neighbour looking and when are they taking delivery of there c max
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They got in it this morning to find out the panoramic roof leaked during the Very heavy rain last nite.They have taken it back& are asking for a refund.Next step is to buya C-Max through one of the internet showrooms.Result.WE win & one in the eye for the spit & chewing gum machine
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Well that's what you get with Panoramic roofs, Panoramic rain
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i cant help but feel sorry for my brother he is getting one i will pray he has no trouble with it
oh i just remembered this when my brother went to look at one the salesman told him i had one of the sh*troen picassos as a company car and it was one of the best cars i have ever driven or owned he then looked at me and saied you still got your c max as a few months ago i had gone to trade it in as it was breaking all the time i told him that i had and after what he had just told my brother about sh*troen picassos he went i have just brought my wife a cmax
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sorry everyone i meant citroen
No you were right the first time !!
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