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(Not So) Funny Smell?!

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Hi guys,

I recently aquired my Cmax, 21'000 miles on the clock. 2005 Zetec model.
Everything with the car has been running fine, except one issue.
Now that the "new" car smell has mellowed, there seems to be quite a strong smell of something that is not pleasant at all. The only way I can describe this smell is one of acidic, or likestale food.

I have heard that sometimes air condition units may be atfault in some cars, and I was wondering whether anybody on here has experienced a similiar issue.

I do not smoke,or eat food in the car, and I have searched in between every crevice in the car for the culprit, but to no avail!

Please help!!
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I have had a few things break on my air con but none of the faulty partshave smelt of stale food.
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try replacing the cabin filter that might be the source but i dont know.
Agree, change the pollen filter first and then perhaps a trip to Kwik-Fit and have the Air con sorted out.
Did you buy this private or dealer? If dealer, then take it back and ask them to sort it out!
sometimes bacteria grows in the Air con ducts, because of the enrinonment (moist, heat, etc). there are some sprays available, used for cleaning the ducts.
Hi just bought cmax and having the same problem,did you get yours sorted out?
Our recently bought Cmax also hs a funny smell, previous owner had a dog but it only went in the boot and the floor mats don't smell and I have given it a clean to beat all cleans, even taking out and cleaning the spare tyre but still the smell remains!!
Hi Guys,

As silly as this sounds the smell actually turned out to be stale food-an egg sandwich left by my3 year old son in a storage pocket in his car seat!

Sorry Ford, your Cmax's DONT smell!
HI there - it may not be related, but if the smell is there when you get in the car and quickly disappears, only to be there next time you get in , then it may be the clutch.
I found the smell was there when I got in the car----but It was never there when the missus got In,
So changed me socks------cured.
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