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Well, after having my car on order for a month, my dealer has informed me that they can not supply the car as Fords, wait for it, can not supply automatic gearboxes until possibly December/ January and can give no specific date. Firstly i think thats the biggest load of old s--t i've ever heard.
Fords being one of the the biggest companies in the country cannot supply auto gear boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry don't beleive it.
As it stands now i was advised by my dealer to cancel the order, which i have now done.
I contacted another Ford Dealer, Dagenham Motors and asked them was there a problem with the Auto gearbox, not as far as they new, you would think they would know wouldent they!!!!!!!!! and they would get back to me, well i feel like Diana Ross, Still Waiting.
I have lost so much money on this vehicle like new personlised CMAX number plates, valve caps from ebay, key rings, chrome handle covers which are now all useless to me, i feel so let down, i would not even look at another Ford let alone buy one.
Sorry about you guys who already own one, and i was so enthusiastic about my CMAX, as you will now know i will not be posting on the CMAX forum no more. One more thing FORD GET YOUR bl***dy FINGER OUT.

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