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Driving at approx 60 mph last night, turned bend and sawa queue of traffic. Braked suddenly and went to change down gear. Instead of changing down into 4th i accidentally put it towards 2 gear ( didnt enage 2nd gear, just got that horrible grinding noise) stuck it into neutral and took the next exit off of carriageway.

Went to put it into 2nd gear as i had now lost enough speed. No joy. Switched engine off, put car in 1st and started again. Car moved off, very diificult to engage all gears but did so and moved to a safe place to call AA. By the time they arrived the car was not moving at all in any of the gears, the clutch pedal went in and out as normal and there was no obvious sign of fluid loss. Once in gear there was a whirring noise.

AA guy was unsure but believed that it was not a major problem he thought maybe something had broke.

Anyone had similar problems or can any of thetech peoplehelp

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