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Noisy Exhaust

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Hi everyone i was wondering if someone could help me i have a 1.8 c max ghia on 04 plate with 32500 mile on clock and since i have had it the exhaust sounds really noisy as if it is blowing from somewere i have took my car back to the dealer were i purchesed it from and they say there is not a problem and that the exhaust is fine they also told me there is a hole or valve of some sort in the manafold so it stopscondensation exiting from the rear is this true and does enyone else have a really noisy c max or am i the only one
many thanks mjshort79
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The only valve I can think of in the exhaust is an EGR but that connects to the inlet

Often it may be possible to temporarily block the end of the exhaust with holding a cloth over it and eventually if there is no leak the engine will (should) stall due to the back pressure. Otherwise you should get at least a better indication of where any leak may be
i have tryed that one with my hand over the back and there seemed to be nothink and the car kept running it did not stall it drives me mad it comes from the front and when i am putting it in the garage the car sounds terrible i looked under the car and there is like a black dust on the heat shield in the middle part by the silencer but ford dealership say there is nothink i think i may have to look myself as it seems that with ford if you want somethink done you have to do it yourself or i will take it do kwik fit do they charge for looking or do they look for free ?
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