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Noisey 1.6 TDci Duratec

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Hi can anyone help? I bought a 1.6 TDci C Max LX from our local dealer, with 22,900 on the clock.
It's a 54 plate, and I am concerned that it's overfilled with oil, and it 'Pinks' when under load after it reaches about 80 Deg C on the temp guage. (I take it this is when the thermostat opens?)
The dipstick has a yellow plastic end, and the oil covers it completely when cold and on the flat.

The car has been back twice now to the dealer, and they say they contacted Ford directly, and have been told that both these things are 'Normal' for the C-Max.

I wonder if anyone has any experience of this, and if so why this is so?

I have driven several Diesels, and never experienced these problems


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I'm sure the owner manual should give all the alternative "dip stick" end alternatives and explain which mark means what.

As to "pinking" I thought that was something only spark ignition engines did when the ignition was too far advanced see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engine_knocking

I don't think diesels can do so.

If the oil is as overfilled as you tend to think then probably it hasn't been touched for some time. As the engines have hydraulic tappets that are controlled via engine oil pressure, regular oil changes are a very necessary evil
Hi Richard,

The Owners manual does explain the oil levels, but the dipstick shown for the 1.6 Duratec is only 'similar' to mine, not exactly the same.

I know where I expect the oil level to be, generally between the2nd line and the top of the 'markings' section.

As for the oil, it is fairly clean, and the car was serviced before we picked it up.
This is why I questioned it at the dealerswhere I got it from.

They have looked at it twice, and have told me that it is at the correct level?????
(Over the top of the 'markings' section as previously explained see photo below.)

The engine noise is also supposed to be 'Normal' according to the dealers, but I can't help feeling that it is doing some damage?
What can I do though, if it's been back twice in the first month of having it, and they say there is nothing wrong??????
I do agree, I have never heard this noise from a diesel!!!!

If you have any more suggestions I would be greatful

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I bought a Fusion that has the 1.6 TDCI engine in for my wife and that is pinking.
It has a Ford Direct warranty but I don't want any ford Monkeys work on my car.
Can any one help, even if I have to re-map the ECU myself?
[email protected]
Two options:

1) Take it back to Ford and state what is wrong and if it has pinking then perhaps get a independent report on it first (do write to Ford before going down this route for legal reasons)

2) You can get you ECU remapped by several companies. You'll have to Google that to find out more information.
Thanks for the help, I will look in to your suggested options.
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