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I've owned a 06 1.6lx cmax sisnce feb. just got it to 222k without any issues (touch wood!)

a very nice car to drive and has plenty of space for my work stuff which was my main reason for buying it in the first place!

I've seen the posts on the footwell lights...are they in the old shape cmax's too? can anyone give some more information on what they look like where they are I just can't seem to find them at all!


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Hi & welcome to the club.Yes the fitting for the foorwell lights are on the `old` style.I know cos I`ve got one
.I`ve just put an answer to the question on a couple of mins ago.Hope it helps a little.

Happy C-Maxing
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hi micky thanks for your post, I reckon i just don't have them in my car then! they can't be that hidden! its a shame ford don't have anything on them in the car manuals either, I guess they like it cous they can charge a an arm and a leg to change the bulbs!!

I don't surpose you have a picy of yours that might give me a hand?
Hi Cmaxman and welcome!
Is that right, 222000 miles? If so wow!
bit of a typo!! only 22k, but yeah 222k would be impressive!
It would of andI thought someone was higher than me! (Mine is about 118000!)
Only a few (thousand) more miles to the planet that people love to say... Uranus
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They should be there,but I`ll try & take a couple of pics this morning.
cheers that would be great!
Can`t get pics to message board at the moment.I`ll keep trying but it might be some time.Sorry
Hi Micky Richard send me an email with them on, they are pretty much where i figured, but i don't have them!! just the empty holes in the frame work! thanks anyhow, seems in the 06 lx models they saved them up for the new shape cars..... Oh well would of been cool to add some colour to the dirty footwells!
Oh well,it was worth a look anyway.
Cheers MM
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