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Hi there,
Just joined tonight and better introduce myself.
Have been a Ford man for some 38 years alas bought a Scenic 2 just over four years ago. The interior space was excellent but could not take to the car, especially the Auto G/B. Traded it in six months for a 2L Sept 56 Mondeo Auto and found the space a bit cramped after the Scenic. Had a look at the C Max in 2004 when I bought the Scenic, however at that time it was only available with the Diesel engine and they were asking around 18 grandfor itwhich was 4 grand more than I paid for the scenic. Been running the Focus H/Bin my business for about 6/7 years now
Waiting delivery of a Sept 56 C Max 2L Petrol Automatic
Hindsight is a great thing eh?
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