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Hi there! My name is Cenk, im from Istanbul turkey and Iam a proud owner of a Focus Cmax 1.6 tdci ghia (2004 MY). 94K (km)on the clock (58K miles, i think).Had a lot of minor problems such limited epb function, maf sensor replacement, hose replacement, turbo pipe replacement, boot lock replacement (all for free in the warranty), rear pad changes for 3 times (expensive). But the car still is great
..Drives like a hatch, corners like a hatch, economy like a hatch, but has the advantages of an MPV...

I am planning to buy a new cmax 1.6 tdci titanium+x pack or an Smax 2.0 tdci titaniumXpack (quite a price gap, though) later this year or early 2009.Edited by: x-rayted
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