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Hi Folks,

I've owned my C-max since new (June 04) but until the last month or so had never had any problems with it so hadn't had occasion to do an internet search for C-max technical queries.

Found a wealth of stuff that should be useful. My present problem (see Tech forum) is probably a clapped out alternator but it's rather strange in that charge warning light is behaving absolutely normally (apart from not warning me that battery voltage is dropping !). At 66k, mine has probably lasted longer than most but I'm still loath to replace it without some firm evidence that it's not something else causing problem.

I also didn't know that the fusebox map was printed on the carpet - and of course the carpet (which keeps sliding off) has long since been relegated to somewhere in the back of the garage. I've never been able to find where to fit the pollen filter (nor has my garage owning mate who's presented me with another one every time it's been serviced) but a thread here looks as though it will help me find it. I did know that Haynes don't do a manual but hadn't realised that I could find a DVD WM on eBay (& hopefully mine will be arriving this week).


Eric Mears

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