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new to c max

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Hello there. I bought a 2004 C max 1.6TDCi a couple of weeks ago. Great cars, I have always been a Ford man and have had loads of Fiestas, Escorts, Capri's, Cortinas and Mondeos over the years. I had a couple of years departure from Fords and had a Discovery for a while (actually LR owned by Ford anyway)

With fuel at £1.20 a Litre I decided the Disco had to go and got the C Max. I like the high driving position and rear boot space. I was most surprised by the engine performance. Also very quiet. Only had it a week and the alternator went. As I bought from a dealer they agreed to replace. No problem since. Clock displays wrong time but I have already seen an answer to that on this forum.

One last thought. On the discovery (a 300TDi) it seemed that many owners had EGR problems which led to poor performance and economy as well as a gunged up inlet manifold. The solution was to blank it off and prevent exhaust gas passing through. Is this possible with the C max? has anyone tried it and is it a good idea or do the electronics not like it?
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Hi Revjames. You sound a lot like me! Always had Fords, got a disco 300tdi currently and looking to sell in favour of a C-Max!! Yes I do have a blanked off EGR and yes I am sick of throwing a hundred quid at it every time it wants filling up! I'm just doing my reasearch on the best C-Max to get at the moment. Looks like a 1.6tdci 110 Zetec. Watch this space (or another just like it!).
Hi to both of you,I`m sure you will be very pleased with the C-Max.I`ve had my 2.0 TDCI 12 months now and am very,very pleased with it.You two have come from Disco`s,Iv`e still got a Range Rover 3.9 Classic,but it now only gets used for special occassions as the C-Max is better all round {& cheaper to run}.
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Well, had the C Max for a few months now and although I miss the Disco, I think the C Max is an amazing vehicle. If you have the patience to drive it really steady then some really good economy figures are possible. The computer MPG seems to be about 10% optimistic. However, basing my calculations on filling up and re filling after driving a given distance then 60MPG on a long run cruising at 65 - 75 is possible. I have had the computer give me up to 84MPG indicated at a steady 40-50.
Hi Revjames. You are making my mind up for me now! Roll on March! I will have £8000 to spend (plus a 14 year old Disco!) to throw at the local dealer. My thinking is that with the current financial climate I should be in a reasonable position to get a new shape zetec by then. How do you rate the over-all performance of the 1.6TDCi compared to the 300TDi? I know the two vechicles are a world apart on running gear etc but your experience ofboth these vehiclesisa good insightfor me.
Don't leave trading too late, Just remember tha tthere may well be a lot of high CO2 emitting vehicles in Feb / March next year if the revised VED rates come in (as I'm reasonably convinced they will do)

Most of the EGR problems have been with the 2L and not the 1.6TDCI
The 1.6 should give you at least 45 MPG almost however you drive speed wise (Motorway PLUS!!!) provided you don't rev it too high and make use of the diesel's torque to change upp as early as possible
Thanks for the welcome guys. As far as comparing the performance with the 300TDi thats difficult as they are so different as vehicles. However, 113BHP/2.1Ton as opposed to 110BHP 1.3Ton speaks for itself! At first I thought a 1.6 diesel would be weedy but in fact there is plenty of torque and it pulls really well in all gears. Economy is great and uit goes really well taking you to 60 in under 11 sec (not bad for a diesel) Doesn't have the tractor like dynamics and sound of the disco (or indeed less refined earlier diesels). If you are after a sensible and practical cheap workhorse then these are for you.

Anyone recommend putting a K&N on it?
Thanks for the feedback!
. I hear what you are saying about Feb/ March for buying but my time frame is fixed. I still think I will get the car I want at the right price. I don't expect to get much for the Disco in any case, whatever I do get is just a bonus.

To Revjames, thanks and I expected pretty much the response you gave. Your positive comments about the 1.6 only confirm my thoughts that it is the most appropriate engine for me. Sad as it may seem, I think I will miss the tractor-like feel and sound of the Disco but what price progress? To think that I will have to endure air conditioning and a CD player like everyone else!!
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Well, I had a 96 Disco 300TDi ES with the leather, a/c and everything so I do miss the comfort level. I do miss it but it made no sense to have it anymore with the expense of the fuel and general running cost. Another bonus is that the £120 tax disc is going down to £90 next year.
Detinately go for A K & N,I`ve got one and it`s helped inprove an already v.good mpg.Dead easy to fit,less than 10mins.
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