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Just saying hi to all!

I collect our C-Max later today, after our first Baby was born a few weeks back it quickly became obvious that our 05 plate Astra just wasn't big enough to accomodate the pushchair and other gubbins that you have to carry!

We started hunting for a C-Max and found a 56' 2.0TDCi Ghia in Silver at a local dealer. It has a few options like BlackLeather, Front & Rear Sensors, Privacy Glass (not sure if standard or not?), boot liner etc.

I loved the test drive, ooodles of grunt, very comfortable and great vision from being up a bit higher.

It has so much more space all round than our Astra so will be a lot easier with the little one.

Will post again (and maybe some pics!) when i have collected it and had a few days driving.
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