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New Geriatric

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Just registering my presence and keeping the list of members ticking over.
I found this forum after the Focus/C_Max went 'register to browse', something which makes my blood boil.
Have been browsing it since and the content is at a level which means I just might be able to hold a coherent discusssion when one comes up
. The tyre wearthread finally poked me into action to register.
Got the 061.6 (100PS) petrol LX as itlooked to be a good bet for my bad back, and have been happy with it in that respectsince I got it.
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Hi Ken, Welcome! Watch the tyre wear thing, I suffered it on my first car and will watch for it on my 57 1.8TDCI Zetec. Top car though - drove my wife's Scenic today and realised how much better the driving position is although you get more toys on the Renault.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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