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Hey folks. We've had our Cmax for a while and sadly one or two things are starting to require attention that aren't in the hand book! I've loads of experience with the Audi-sport.net forum which has helped me no end with my97 A4 so I know how much of a resource thes sites are!
Current fixed issues have been
EGR sensor.... ford eventually got it right!
Rear boot lock switch, door unlocking and opening itself - hmmm seems to have fixed itself.

Outstanding work. For some reason the radio doesn't pick up the RDS signal for the time.
Reverse lights / Parking sensors - I'm looking into this and may be requiring a bit of help finding the reversing switch. Other than that. Loving the car.. it's really the missus, but Ford got it right with the C-max....
2.0TDCI 04 Ghia in Panther Black
Cruise control
Currently a pip off of 79k miles...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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