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I ordered a new C Max Zetec 1.8 on saturday. Never owned a Ford car before, always Austin/Rover cars. I asked about the bluetooth promotion on the model I am having and was told it wasn't available. I negotiated an alternative, parrot 3100 to be fitted at no extra charge. I didn't realize that spare wheels were an option. I'm obviously out of touch with trends. Would I be in order to request that one is supplied in with the price? Anything else I should have been aware of? I'd really appreciate help.
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i would request a spare wheel my dad has new galaxy with compressor and the repair foam he got a puncture last week and was stranded as the tyre repair foam did not fix the puncture theres no replacement for good old fashioned spare wheel in my opinion
I'd agree

Do remember though that the normal spare wheel they provide is a "rubber band" when compared to the normal tyre due to the storage space in the boot floor and is only good for 50 MPH
Thanks for the replies. I've been on to the dealer and asked about the spare. He told me that I could have one but it would cost extra because they are usually supplied before they leave the factory andhe has none spare at the showroom or workshop. I don't get the car for a couple of weeks yet and it is brand new so I can't understand why I am unable to have this supplied especially as it is a no charge option.
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would not except that answer if it is a no charge option and you are buying a new car i would demand one remember THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRIGHT
The dealer contacted me today to tell me they would supply a spare and fitting for an extra £100. The problem, according to him, is that the car is at one of their branches and because it has left the factory these options can no longer be fitted free of charge. I really don't know where I stand with this.
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if they really wanted to theycould get you a spare wheel free of charge seems to me they are not being very helpful there just seeing £££££££££££ signs i would tell them the fact that it has left the factory and is now in there dealership is of no concern to you have not taken delivery of the car yet so you are not taking it back and requesting a spare wheel you are asking for one before taking delivery of your car so in my opinion should it still not be a free option ?
Have spoken to Ford's information service this morning. They say once the dealer has the car it is up to the dealer how far they are willing to go re supplying or fitting extras. In other words, if the dealer wants to charge for the wheel they can because the car is no longer in the ford factory. They did, however, imply that the dealer could have supplied the wheel for free.
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hi patwhit have you paid for the car in full. If so probably not much you can do other than buy it from a different dealer. If just a deposit only pay them full amount upon receit of a spare. They must have spares and if they are going to charge you 100 quid it will only cost them 50. Also try and use the term "gesture of goodwill" as this implies no blame to them but quite often gets results ie as a gesture of goodwill can we go halves. Hope you get the result fingers crossed.
If you can`t get one DON`T get one from any Ford dealer,try
This is a great site for spare parts and will probably help you if you end up having to buy one.
All the best of luck
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