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Check out the autoexpress site,there are pics of the next updated C-Max & some info.I`ll have to ask the wife before I preorder.Then again maybe not,think I`ll just do it

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That test model looks like someone's done a "cut and shut" with two current C-Maxs!

These pictures, snapped by our spies in Germany, show an intriguingly
undisguised Ford C-MAX undergoing testing, which can mean only one
thing - it's a development mule for the all-new C-MAX, due in 2010.

car will be based on the Focus platform and will share most of the
hatchback's engines, though it's not certain whether the 2.5-litre
turbocharged unit from the Focus ST will make an apearance. That said,
the sucess of the Vauxhall Zafira VXR means Ford could be missing a
trick by neglecting to provide a blue oval alternative for Daddy Cool!

new C-Max will be available in North America for the first time too,
and represents a key move in Ford's new ‘shared technologies' global
engineering strategy, in which it plans to move the company's European
lineup into the floundering US market.
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