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Hi all!

I'm interested to see there is a new C-Max board which has just started.

From my own surfing I've found the www.ffoc.co.uk to be the best and
most populated board, with the www.focusowners.com only having the
occasional post. (Except when the ffoc.co.uk went down rather badly for
a week or so and everybody rediscovered focusowners.com!)

I wish you all well with your new startup although I'm a little cynical about your ability to pull in everyone from ffoc.co.uk.

Perhaps creating the greatest collection of 'How to's' and 'common
faults' would help. Any chance of putting the Ford Epic stuff on-line?
(free of course)

For info - I'm yet another disabled (motability) driver who selected
the C-Max for its excellent accesibility and is pleasantly surprised by
how well it handles. I have the 2.0 TDCi Ghia with just over 6,000 on
the clock since last November. I was a Citroen fanatic and still miss
my XM but the C-Max does keep me relatively happy...


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