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New, and Worried already!

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Hello All, Jim here, living in Leicester, but not from here (no webbed feet!)

Pick my 54 plate 2.0 TDCI up on tuesday, and already I'm worried about it breaking down and falling to bits!?!

Just chopped in my mondeo TDDI for this, which had very few things go on it, so I was hoping for another trouble free car. Are they generally ok, with the odd bad one, or are they like Sh*troens and Pugs, where they only work when they want to?

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Hi and welcome!

I think you'll find (as you do on most car club sites) more posts about problems than good items which can sometimes worry people who have just bought one.

Ford have appeared high on reliability polls for the last few years so hopefully you'll be alright - and if you do need advice, you know where to come!
I've found mine to be fine in the engine and driving dept so I wouldnt worry about it. The inside is not brilliant though, there are a few rattles & squeaks which can be annoying at times. People only seem to put posts on places like this if they want to moan about stuff.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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