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hi all im after some advice on how to tackle a problem im having.

basically i bought an aftermarket hid kit for my car , this is a link to it.....


i bought the kit at the bottom of the page (50w hid kit.) about a month and a half ago.

first of all it turned up with the wrong bulbs , so i had to pay for the those to be sent back.

then when the correct bulbs arrived i fitted the kit and within an hour
one of the ballasts failed, so they sent me a new one and i had to send
the broken one back which is fair enough.

now this replacement ballast has started playing up aswell which im not
happy about.as im going to be out of pocket a third time by posting
faulty stuff back to them

ive emailed the company selling the kits through their website contact
us thing , basically saying im fed up with the quality of the kit and
would like a new ballast before i send them the broken one this time as
i need lights on my car due to commuting in the dark.

this was a couple of days ago and ive not heard from then so i think
they are ignoring me as they are usually quite prompt at replying.

what are my options now,??

i dont really want to talk to them as i get tied up in knots wit the m
and end up frustrated and shouting which gets me nowhere!!!

can anyone on here help please!!


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Maybe the best thing to do would be phone them ,and just explain to them your situation like you have on here. Thensee if they have a solution to your problem. If you get intouch with trading standards they will say you have to let them try andsort your problem out first. I would phone them see what they say.

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normally anythat fails upto6 months after supply by retail is counted as being faulty on supply. This goes normally include replacement for originally faulty items as well

It's all part of the Sale of goods Act. I think whatever positive response you get from the company it may also be a good idea to make your local Trading Standards aware of the circumstances up to now and see what they have to say as regards any advice for any POSSIBLE problems in the near future
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