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Anyone know when Ford change there model years. I think its in Nov so if truethe 2009 models should be with us next month,
Reasonim iinterested is my current 2.4yr old Cmax 2.0DTi Zetec (luv it this is my 2nd) is due for a change in the next few months (keep em 3 years) and im wondering if there will be any spec change worth knowing about.
I notice that some parts of the Ford site list a Ghia instead of a Titanium so that may be a clue.

My current fav is another the same (luv those 6 gears) but in these times of expensive fuel costs its a pity they dont make a 1.8DTi 6 speed like the Mondeo to sabve a few bob.
Id buy one tommorow if they did. (do Ford look at this forum I wonder).

And - for those who download music it says in the small pring in my handbook that the CD player is NOTt guarenteed to play non-original CD's and Ford wont repair it if it doent (my sons in dispute with his fieta) so be warned. Not sure about new players.


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Model years used to change with the new registration plate when it was once a year (ie in the August of the previous year) or they did in Solihull

I think they may now do upgrades as frequently as every 3 months it would explain why you get such as 2003.75 in model year descriptions
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