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Lurking in shadows no more EPB FAILURE

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I have been reading all posts since i bought my C-MAX 1.6 ghia tdci 3 2005 months ago with mixed response, My car runs A1.
All is until yesterday i got the limited EPB function display, so as advised by forum members of i pop to the Main Dealer - Evans Halshaw. £50 for diagnostic. ok i said don't do any work though until you inform me of price.

Ring ring " Hello you car is going to be £615 for a new Parking brake module also you discs are wearing thin and you have 2 nails in your tyres" ok i said don't do anything until i come over.

Got there asked for diagnostic print out " Don't have deleted all" well i thought cheeky b.......d's
How do i know that it is recomending me to change Module @£615.
blah blah to cut a long story short the guy in the end said if you change the altenator it should be fine £250..... Is it just me or is that very very poor.

Also could anyone confirm that the altenator would cure my problem?
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A battery at less than full charge seems to be a cause of an great number or problems nowadays though can't say directly responsible in this case
Thanks, Do i owe you £50 now for your diagnostic. lol

some computer that can tell you have nails in tyres though>
i had lots of epb problems when i first purchesed my car, and i had my battery changed and theproblem did not go away. I then had a new module fittedand touch wood the problem has not come back.
did you pay £600 for a new module? or was it warrenty
No mine was done under a used car warrenty but i know the modules are very very exspensive. I was toldthe cost was £400 for the module that needed changing formyepb problem to be solved. £600 has got to include the labour costs my ford dealer charges £85 an hour
I too had an electrical problem when I got my C-Max 12 months ago,Chambers Ford did a free health check and said I needed new alt,2 front tyres,Front discs & pads.
Alt done by friendly local machanic {I supplied alt} and no probs since,though I did charge up battery.Discs & pads changed in Jan when car was serviced and MOT`d {discs only just on limit as were pads but had them done anyway} as for tyre,still got originals although they now do need replacing {12 months later!}.Needless to say I have never been back to Chambers & never will!!!
I am totally fed up with my car butI am stuck with it. I went to have a new key cut today as the flip part of myoldkey had brocken. I waited an hour for them to cut it, it then would not work. I then waited again while they cut another key and again it did not work. I then decided i had had enough and went home and left the car at the dealers.The dealer then phoned me and told me i hadthree options1st pay a £120for a lock smith to do my key,second pay over £500 and have all the locks changed in the car, third use blank spare key.I dont know how but they managed to finally cut me a new key but my carwas there all day.
Take it to evans halshaw they'll stick it on there diagnostic machine and hey presto

" It's a new engine i'm afraid, no sorry you can't see the report we have deleted it."
A day in the life of a main dealer.... lol
Sorry to hear about your key
I asked today about how they fixed my epb problem. I had it seemsa fair few parts replaced to fix it. I was told i had a new module, a brake actuater, a new switch of some sort, and some wiring repaired.
stills sounds exepnsive though, i'll just cross my fingers and hope for cheapest.
mjshort79 said:
I asked today about how they fixed my epb problem. I had it seemsa fair few parts replaced to fix it. I was told i had a new module, a brake actuater, a new switch of some sort, and some wiring repaired.
You wouldn't think anything of it on a 15 year old car! Seems like a lot of in-depth and costly work for a car no more than 5 years old (sorry MJ, I don't know how old your car is!).
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my car is a 04 and it has only done 34000 miles
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