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Low Fuel Warning

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Hi all
Wondered if anyone has had, any trouble with there dash readings, particulary with the low fuel warning, mine has just started to appear when the tank is just on half full.
I have had this looked at by Ford under the warranty and so far they have dropped the tank and replaced the fuel sender,( this did not work ) so then they reprogrammed the "Cluster" (havn't a clue what this is).Any ideas welcome?.
I was thinking of adding a few custom parts to my CMax.
Does any members know of a web site were genuine ford custom parts are available?, there does'nt seem to be many on the web at all.

Many thanks

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My only problem with the low fuel warning is that it comes on at about 50 miles left in the tank, I drive down to the end of my street and there is suddenly only 10 miles left! (Oh and it takes about 10 seconds to drive down!)

There are a couple of sites that sell genuine ford parts, I'll dig out my links and post a few up.
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Thanks Maxer
I've used this one a number of times for various cars:

Genuine Ford site: http://www.fordpartsplus.co.uk/

Non geniune parts but full of stuff: www.potn.co.uk

Hope they help!
Thanks Dan
I will have a good browse

Cheers matey

Just joined the club and reading old messages.

If you havent sorted the low fuel light I had similar problem and it was sorted by main dealer through a softwear update to the computer


Hi all

I have just put in £10 of petrol, got back in my car and noticed that my needle was still on the red and the computer still said 15 miles to empty. after complaining to the lad behind the counter that their pump hadnt put in any petrol and waiting for the manager to come over I noticed that my needle was creeping up and rested exactly where I would expect it to. However my fuel warning light remains and it is also still telling me that I have 15 miles, (and going down left. I have left it to stand for a while all locked up and tried it again, but the warning light and fuel range remains. Iam hoping, as said in previous posts that this just requires a software update, but does anyone actually know how much this will cost? is it actually worth doing? My car is a 2005 1.8petrol Ghia.
All help and answers are appreciated
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