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Key Fob Result

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I have reprogrammed the key fob

On p117 of the manual it tells you how to do it.Took me less than 30 seconds.
Do up both front seat belt & make sure all doors,bonnet & tailgate are shut.Put key in ignition & turn to position || ( when the dash lights come on) turn it off again.Do this 4 times in quick succession ( 4 times in 6 seconds) then press any button on fob and locks will activate.Fixed
.In the manual it says a tone will sound,mine didn`t,so don`t worry if you hear nothing.Saved giving cash to rip off brigade.Let me know if this works for anyone else.If you can`t do it,come to me & I`ll fix it.Fee will be 2.0TDCI Titanium in dark blue with 18inch alloys and all extras poss.
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It starts it as well?
Starts as normal,everything working again.
Yep mine too, saved me a trip to the rip off's who wanted £20 and up to an hour of my time to do it, many many thanks guys
I left the car for 2 weeks while I was on my hols,when I got back I wondered if the remote would still work.Yep ,still does
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Is this just to program into the central locking or the immobiliser as well?
I am told the immob has to be reset with all keys and ford then use an internet link back to hq for the codes to re program.
As far as I know it`s both.
HHMM, Interesting, was this a new key or one you already had for the car and did not work with the central locking?.
It was the original key that came with the car.All I did was follow the insructions as per manual.Insert key,turn ignition on & off (ie dash lights come on),6 times in 30 seconds,then press any button on fob & it works again
. Saves going to a Ford dealer & being charged £20 for exactly what I did.
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Ah, right, Thanks for the clarification, That means the immob did not need programming again as it is on a seperate chip.
hello all,, had the same problem went to fords to purchase a key fob(cost £57.37)..not the key i slid the new key fob on the old key...as i was paying for it the man at the till said you do realize this needs to be programmed into the car...i said ill make an appointment with the dealer on monday...i went home and tried what you said and the car starts and all the key functions work. open closes and open tailgate. I dont know if i was lucky but it seems that it doesnt need to be programmed at all, or there might be somethingwrong with my car either way i saved £100 on ford programming my key fob. ill keep my fingers crossed. thanks
Hi Neo, yes, that is how it works, you only had a new part with the buttons on.
On some cars, including mine, you cannot program the chip that is in the key part.
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