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Hi guys this may not interest enyone or maybe it will. I have e.p.b and and as silly as it sounds try to use it as little as possible. I one year went on holiday for two weeks and when I came back my handbarake on a older car I had , hadseized up. I now when going away always leave the handbarake off and put a brick behind the wheel ( my car is kept in a garage so I dont mean on the street ) I have being worrying about this as I have e.p.b and it comes on automatically whenI take the key out of the ignition meaning you cant leave it off. I now have learnt you can and justdecided it would be nice toshare it with everyone. If you keep the button pressed to the down position when you take the key out of the ignition the e.p.b will not come on you then can leave it off ,lock the car up and it does not come on. you do get a warning to tell you that is's offbut when you shut the door it will just go off.
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