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Just joined, I have an 05 plate2.0TDCI Ghia , owned it for 4 months done 5.5k miles in it taking it up to 41k.
At about 40.5 k it started intermittently emitting light blue (oil?) smoke on start up first thing but not again during the day unless left for 8 hours or so.
Took it back to the dealer (not main) where I bought it and they diagnosed the EGR valve needed replacing (by them) and then trip to main dealer for software upgrade.
Picked it up yesterday evening and no smoke on starting up first thing but it returned after being stood all day at work.
It is going back tomorrow.
Question ~ do they fit reconditioned EGR valves as the service desk told the mechanic that there was a surcharge on the old unit and he needed it fetching out of the bin.
They didnt charge as I had taken out paid for extended warranty.Edited by: Quackers
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Hi Quackers and welcome.

I wonder if they just "cleaned" the original rather than fit a new one?
The following link gives a good idea of what means what in the diesel world: http://www.dieselbob.co.uk/tips.shtml
Hi lawe, probably the remark about the surcharge was for my benefit.
Been to see long time friend who does all my servicing when not under warranty and he has not come across a surchage on EGR valves.
I have been to see them today and told them it has not been cured and they told me to run it for a while to see if it settles down.
Apart from occasional smoking on start up it runs fine and gives decent fuel economy.
Just got the C Max back today after 14 days away at dealer I purchased from (not main dealer) which included 4 days at a respected diesel specialist (who my friend in the trade also uses) who couldn't find anything wrong and 3 days at the Ford main dealer.
I have been given a copy of the main dealer worksheet which says that it has had an update from 3M51 12A650 AG to 8M51 12A650 JB, it has had a cold start up and road test and only normal cold diesel start up smoke emissions observed.
It also states "No charge to customer should have been done when EGR programmed"

As I was collecting the car one of the salesmen came over to talk to me and pointed to another 2.0L TDCI C Max that they had got and lo and behold it had smoke emitting from the exhaust just as mine had done, he said they were sending that one to the Ford dealer to ask for the same update.

Fingers crossed that they have cured it this time.
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The "ususl case" of oil smoke on start up is from high mileage engines where the valve stem seals are mot quite as tight as they might be and oil seeps down the stems
before I took the car back (41k on clock) I tried the usual diagnostic of running down long hills with no throttle then open the throttle at the bottom and look in the mirror for the tell tale smoke and there was nothing.
Fingers crossed didn't work.
Sat for three minutes after work yesterday filling the street with smoke.
Switched off and called AA out, quick response they were with me within 15 minutes.
Anyway on starting it up for him, you've guessed, hardly any smoke at all.
Anyway he opened bonnet looked around and felt that the engine was slightly warm from the 3 minutes running and he suggested it might be something like a cold start engine sensor malfunction causing an overfuel and needed hooking up to ford diagnostics.
Anyway back to the dealer who booked it in to main dealer where I dropped it off at lunchtime as it is close to my workplace. The foreman said that any error codes would have shown up when the reprogrammed the EGR and thought it could be air in the fuel!
I took a dvd with still photos and video clip of smoke as they never seem to see it when they have it in.
Still I get to try various courtesy cars, upto present I have had Pug 106 diesel (£20 fuel put in) Nissan Almera 1.8 Auto (£35 fuel) today we are in a Proton automatic (£10 fuel so far)
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was the smoke black - which would add credence to the overfueling theory
I work for very large car parts company & no surchage on the vales.
After 8 days at Ford main dealer (largest in the East Midlands) they could find no fault with the car, they seemed to dismiss out of hand the AA diagnosis. They said ther were no error codes.
They say they checked the injectors, checked for air ingress and cleaned out the EGR plumbing.
No smoke on starting at the dealer but back again the next morning.
Went back and asked if there was a sensor that could cause the problem as diagnosed by the AA. They said yes so this was replaced at my request and my cost (£135) as they couldn't suggest anything else.
Might be imagining it but it seems to have made it worse where it now takes longer for the smoke to clear.
Back to the dealer that I bought it from and it is now at another diesel specialist.
Another courtesy car (Renault Clio) and another £15 of fuel so far.
From what I understand if a sensor is within range but giving the wrong figure for that particular set of conditions then there may not be a fault code

Didn't sombody post that it was possible to measure what values various sensors were giving as opposed to just reading fault codes>
Well now four months on and 2 further visits to a diesel specialist, different to previous specialist, one for 6 days with no faults found, and one for 27 days where they replaced injectors, fitted rebuilt turbo and I think out of desperation blanked the new EGR valve off with a cost to the dealer of around £1500 I believe, this was not total cost as they would have had to pay main dealer and the other specialist as well.
Engine warning light stated showing and first error code, allegedly, saying EGR emissions fault. What even with blanked off valve?
Dealer today has replaced the car, I have opted for 07 plate 2 litre petrol auto with just 7000 miles on the clock, I did pay some extra money in the trade but he would have found a like for like at no extra cost.
Dealer also paid for towbar to be transferred and paid for 12 months tax at £210 in exchange for 10 months at £120
Really sorry that they could not rectify it as it was great in all other respects, had to get rid as it was embarrasing on start up and I would not have been able to sell it on to anyone else.
Really glad that I took extended warranty out though but in this case I think the dealer would still have done the same so they are not all bad.
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