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Just purchased a 2005 c max for the wife as a replacement for our focus.The rear seats are equiped with isofix mountings but they are not accessible. I have ebcountered this problem before on a Renult Laugna - here the stitching on the seats needed to be split by the dealer to make the fitting accessible. I sell Child car seats for a living, so I am somewhat an expert in this matter, however when I contacted my dealer about this matter thay were unsure as to what they had to do (as the manual suggests) to make the isofix mountings available. Any ideas?
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Have they tried looking in their ETIS computer (the electronic information service)
The CD's a lot of us have don't go far enough to cover isofix mountings I'm afraid
Hi - I believe for the Cloth seats you can pull the material towards the middle which leaves enough access to the bar behind to slot your carseat in.

Ifthat doesnt workyou can goto the dealer and get the plastic guides fitted which will allow you to cut the fabric properly. Cost around £15 I think. Stick your hand into the gap between the base and the seat back and at the edge of the seat you should feel a horizontal bar each side. the plastic guides just clip over the bar holding the cloth out of the way.
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