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I have a CD6000 fitted (with CDDJ button) what's the best way to play my iPod through it ?

Thanks in advance
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I use an FM transmitter. There's a really good and cheap one here that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and plays either from memory stick or from a lead connected to an ipod.

I assume you've not got the socket in the glove box? I've also been told that some cars have the lead behind the glove box but just don't have a socket so you could check there first.
Then depending on how far you want to go with this you could take a look at the following website: http://web.mac.com/zifnab/Visteon_6000CD_in_Ford_Focus_C-Max/How_to_wire_the_Aux_input_on_A_Visteon_6000CD_in_a_C-Max.html- if you're not that technical then the following could be an option:

Ford can supply a genuine lead which is available for cars registered after 10/05and have been told as long as it is the type with the volume button in the middle this lead will fit.

The lead comes with all fitting kit (three cable ties and plugs straight in back of stereo ) then all you need is a male to male 3.5 mm jack lead from maplins , the ford lead cost less than a tenner including the vat and the ford part no is

Ford Part Number: 1426121

I was told the info above and not needed to do it myselfso not 100% sure but for £10 it could be worth a shot.
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Can you tell me what cable to order

Follow this line of replies
The unit with the CD.DJ button appears not to take the Aux in the normal way
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