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IPod connection, again

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Just got me a 1.8 Ghia and have read through the manual. I'd like to connect-up my IPod, but note that I don't have an Aux input socket in the glove box (yes, I do have the Aux button on the 6000). I saw the topic about this written in March, which suggested there may be a connection hidden behind the glovebox. Before I start dismantling my new car (not actually new - a 2006), what should I be looking for - a couple of wires, or a loose socket? Has anyone actually found this?
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Update - I took out the glovebox yesterday - not too difficult once you've done it, but getting it back in took me well over an hour. Unnecessary as the lead I was looking for was just on top of the glove box, so I only needed to unscrew the glove box screws rather than removing all the trim to actually take it out. Will get hold of the 1365708 cable/socket that previous threads have mentioned, and see if it works.
OK, I got the 1365708 socket, and removed the glove to fit it this evening, only to find that the 1365708adapter has 4 pins whilst the plug behiond the glovebox hasa 6 pin connector! So maybe I'll have to try the com[plete wire which attaches to the back of the radio, which means getting hold of a set of radio removing tools........I wonder if it's worth the hassle (but then recall the crap reception I get from my Belkin FM transmitter!!)
Seems a bit of a pig then.
Wonder if there is more than one adapter to fit?
I too am wondering which route to take. Either like for like head unit with a Sony one or just get a standard head unit.
Or get the harmon kardon plug and drive from ebay for 30 quid like i did its good.
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I bought the 1426121 adpater today (basically the same plug/socket as I had previously, but with the wire to connect directrly to the back of the radio (£15, but with refund for previous plug). Am now waiting for radio removal tool to arrive.
What is the harmon kardon plug and drive ? Does it charge the Ipod, or allow control of it using radio controls (like the Dension ICE-link)? And does it connect directly to the 6000 unit?
Update - just checked this out on the internet/EBay - looks a cool bit of kit, but will still need me to rig-up the Aux socket, to avoid having to transmit via FM which (from experience) is not reliable, if travelling distances.Edited by: revesby
it comes with a direct connection 3.5mm jacks or a wired fm modulator and its good loads better than an itrip like i was used too. Fitted in 2 hours will post pics tomorrow if i can. Controls and charges the ipod which lives in the centre console out of harms way.
The radio removal keys arrived today, and after a bit of trial and error I got the radio out. To fit the white connector block of the 1426121 lead I bought to the radio, you need to remove the existing identical white block. Not sure what this does - maybe feeds a CD changer (which I don't have). Fitted the 3.5mm jack socket (supplied as part of 1426121) to the other end of the 1426121 cable, plugged in my Ipod and switched to AUX. Eureka, it works! Now I just need to find somewhere to permanently install the 3.5mm socket. I have a central armrest/storage box in my CMax, so maybe I can fit it inside that, which will require some intricate cable routing and extension of the cable, which isn't long enough. Still, should not be difficult. Then may consider the Harmon Kardon kit to plug in.Edited by: revesby
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Hi, Ivs got oneof these cables and was going to mount the 3.5mm jack into the blank just below the heated rear windscreen switch.  Problem is that this lead doesn,rt work in my head unit as I HAVE A cddj button.  I also have a white connector in the back of my unit and I don't know what it is for as it has been unplugged for a couple of months and |I have noticed nothing untoward.  I also don't have a changer unit.  Anyone else know what this plug is for?
From what I've read, units with the CDDJ button can't take an AUX input - too bad. The 3.5mm jack socket supplied with the 1426121 is much too big to fit the blank beneath the rear window switch - on the rear of the blank the plastic protrudes and has a 'hole' size of maybe 10mm at most. In any case, fitting it here would mean having a trailing lead to the IPod. I'm forunate in having the central console between the front seats, so if I can fit it inside this, I can put the Ipod inside out of site, with no exposed leads. Will let you know where I put it, nad maybe post photo if anyone's interested.
Easily-done and works a treat. I would recommend fitting the 1426121. Extending the cable is easy with a bit of thin 3-core cable, which means you can fit the socket well out of sight - in my case inside the central arm-rest.
I found the following though I think a chat with dension before ordering is a wise ,ove


The Dension Gateway 100 iPod Car Kit for Ford, Dension's new and improved in car iPod solution for your vehicle. The Gateway 100 offers complete iPod integration to your factory fitted stereo, with an easy and pain free installation. Simply connect the gateway harness to the CD Changer socket on the back of your radio and prepare yourself for unlimited use of your iPod when ever want and where ever you're going. Just imagine having access to all of your MP3 MUSIC collection at the touch of a button.

Dension are the market leaders in integrated iPod car solutions and have gathered an enormous amount of respect within the industry for continually producing kits that push boundaries of consistency and user interface. The Gateway 100 is no exception, with additional features that the previous version of the kit (Ice>link plus) didn't have, such as gateway addon's in the form of Bluetooth adapters and CD Retention Kits. The Gateway 100 iPod car kit isn't only a car kit, but a car multimedia centre.

Gateway Operation is simple; when connected to the factory fitted radio the Gateway emulates a CD Changer (as far as the radio is concerned) the gateway PCB then translates the iPod Data to a compatible signal that radio is capable of reading, meaning you get full control of your iPod and music while your iPod is being charged when connected
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Richard , i cant thank you enough , av been looking for something like this for a while now. You are a wealth of information , thanks again mate.
Richard G said:
Does this work with the 6000CD with the CDDJ button?

Would be great if it does, as in the summer Dension did not make an adapter that did
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I can only go on this bit from the splurge in the advert

Gateway Operation is simple; when connected to the factory fitted radio the Gateway emulates a CD Changer (as far as the radio is concerned)
Just read the advert Richard, looks like it emulates the cd changer bet it has good sound quality the drive and play i have uses a radio transmitter
Good post, keep meaning to fit one of these
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