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Hi Everyone.

I have a question. Does anyone else, driving a black C-Max, seem to be invisible?
I have people pulling out in front of me, almost knocking me out of the way to get over the roundabout, even though I'm already on it, overtaking and coming back in really close or tailgating? What's wrong with people?!!
I may have to resort to using my headlights on full beam all the time just to be seen!
I'm not a slow driver but I don't speed either, my 4 year old is always in the car with me.
It also seems to be invisible in car parks too, have just come back to it to find jagged scratch and dent!!
It's going cost loads to put right. I'm not a happy bunny!
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their is no respect nowadays, people just dont have any morales. Spending our hard earned on decent vehicles, think its an envy thing ?
It`s not just you,people are so ignorant these days.Most drive company cars & couldn`t give a damm about anyone else! Mind you, I occasionally take my RangeRover Classic out {thats black} and people keep out of the way then,especially company car drivers {not that I aim for them}
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It is not that you have an invisable c max willow. I think it is just like mickey saied it iswhat people have become like nowadays, no respect or care for enyone elsebut themselves. I have a simple solution for you car parking problem.When shoppingI park were nobody parks everyone wants to get as close to the shop as they can so i park as far away asI can in two spaces. I in a multistory car park everyone parks on the lower levels, so Igo straight to the roof and park in two spaces.This means I have to walk a few more metres but atleast my car is dent free when I come back.
you are all so right. we had our silver cmax for two days before it got a nice little bang from a red car which was not parked next to us when we came back from shopping.we tell it was a red car as that was the colour of paint left in the middle of the dent. so now if we go shopping we take my old citroen zx it has a dent or bang on each panel and it only gets washed when it rains, but it is a great car 170k miles still does what a car should do and no one in a nice posh or clean car will park next to it so there is always room around it to open the doors wide to put kids and shopping in.
I couldn't agree more with the comments made, with car parking I'm fortunate to have a blue badge so I can park in a wide space with no danger of being hit by car doors etc, but the number of times I'm sitting in the car while my other half pops in the supermarket and I always see people open their car doors and smack the car next to them, mainly the elderly who don't seem to notice they've done it or middle age men in suites who just don't seem to care they've damaged another persons car. I've even seen people drive in to a parking and clip a car next to them and just walk off without checking for damage.

Driving standards in general are appauling these days, I can't drive to the supermarket which is half a mile away without someone pulling out in front of me or being in the wrong lane and cutting me up without any indication, and then when you hoot your horn or flash your lights at them they have a go at you when they are in the wrong.

Its not just because your car is black Willow, my car is bright red and I seem invisible as well. But my black c-max will be here soon so if other people can't see me in a bright red car what will it be like in a black one!

Rant over
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A tow bar always seems to get everyone to give you a few more inches behind when they park near you

As to "Blue badge" how kmany times do you see non-holders parked in the designated spots without having any notion of not being supposed to
Thanks for all the replies. Obviously the problem of bad driving is country-wide. As you all say people don't care these days. I think I would be absolutely petrified to drive a new C-Max. Good luck with your new car Rob_82.
The annoying thing about the parking damage is that the car wasn't in a multi-storey, it was at Crealy Park with about 3 feet between each car!!!!!!
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Willow your problem is you have a black ultima ,and there are to many boy racers on the road trying to prove a point.I think your problem is not that people dont notice you.I think it is that they notice you and want to take you on thinking your as thick as them and will go racingon a public road.
Richard G said:
As to "Blue badge" how kmany times do you see non-holders parked in the designated spots without having any notion of not being supposed to
All the time, at our local Asda they employ parking attendants to stop people parking there that shouldn't.
I once said something to a middle aged woman who had no blue badge and all she did was drive off swearing at me.
I get a lot of dirty looks when i park in a disabled space because i'm young and drive a sporting looking car.
At my local asda in smallheathpeople park in disabled and parent and childspace's all the time that should not(i dont i park right at the back were nobody goes). I would not advise enyone to go there who isoffended easily or who cant bite there tounge. Rob you think a women swearing at you is bad. In smallheath if someone swears at you , you have got off lightly. If you want a real example of how people nowadays do not respect, others ,others property , others safetyvisit there.
Hi mjshort79,

When I first saw the Ultima at a dealer, I just thought it was a normal C-Max, when I tried to fit mudflaps to it did I realise that this was something different! This is my first C-Max so I didn't know the difference between the rest of the range. It's a lovely car and I haven't seen another one in my area, Dartmoor. It's a big car for me, I've had Fiestas before. With regards to people noticing me, maybe I shouldn't polish it so much!!!

I do notice, however,particularly at traffic lights, the boy racers and in alot of the cases older people, who should know better, behaving in illegal ways, but I'm sure I'm not the only C-Max owner to experience silly behaviour from other drivers.
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The c max ultima isa c max ghia with a body kit and 17" alloy wheels fitted to it. I have never come across a blackone were I live but there are two blue ones. I see themwhen driving around were I live.I bet it looks well nice in black
.I when buying my c max saw an ultima and I assumed it had being modified by a previous owner. I settled for ablack 1.8 ghia as ultima was just a bit out of my price range. I changed my wheels recently as ford ones I just did not like. My car now looks alot faster than it actually is and I now get all the boy racers and idiots tail gating me and blowing me away at the lightsjust to prove a point. If they onlyknew the truth they would not waste there time ,as my car is far from a speed machine and if they just pulled off normal they still would be quicker anyway.
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Yeah, I know what you mean there!!
My car looks faster than it really is too. Though it's pretty good at overtaking on the motorway, seems to have alot of 'top end torque'. Just a slight press on the accelarator and off she goes.

Recently though Ive been thinking of changing to a new Fiesta, could any body help me make up my mind? The C-Max is only really used for taking my daughter to school and as been sat in the garage for almost 6 weeks, it's such a waste.
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