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Instrument Panel Temperature Readout units

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Hi All
I need help with my 08 plate 1.6 Diesel Zetec Cmax

I wish to change the units of measure of the temperature readout which is shown on the little display mounted in middle of the instrument panel.

Currently its on degrees F but I want it to be shown in degrees C

I can change this via the menu on the panel in the setup section - its allows units of measure to be changed from metric to imperial and visa versa.

This is all ok BUT if i select metric ( so tempreature is in degrees C ) it changes the trip miles to km and the fuel economy values to be in km as well !!!

Now according to the oh so very vague Ford Manual its states that the temperature unit of measure CAN be changed individually but never shows how to do it !!

Is this an expensive daler job - are anyone elses read out in degrees C but the rest in miles not km ?

Help its soooooooo annoying !!!!

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This is a new one to me.I`ll have a look in my manual,it might be in there but it`s to go witha 53 plate 2.0 TDCI.Maybe someone with a simalar age C-Max to you can help
My 08 Plate 1.8 TDCi shows the temperature in deg C. Everything else is in miles & gallons.
There was a similar post recently. Using that advice, I managed to change the temp readout independently by fiddling with the reset button when temp only displaying. It cycles between oC and oF.
Using the rotary control toggle through the displays until only the temp is displayed. Now press and HOLD the reset button, done.
Absolutley spot on everyone !! Its works a treat !!

One annoying irritation out of the way ! ......... Now how can I get the dew on the windows to clear when i wind window up and now !!
with tongue in cheek
wipe the outside first perhaps?
Just been out & reset mine.
Gonna get the wife to go out 1st thing in the cold & clear the windows.He He.
Yes I agree richard wipe the window manually ! but every other car i have owned will clear the "due" by winding down the window - a minor issue but another one ford got wrong
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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