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How to replace heater motor resistor

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I've got a 2004 1.6LX and the heater motor only works on the 4th speed. The garage have diagnosed the resistor at fault (I agree with them) and they have bought a new resistor and loom plug from Ford. However, when they came to do the job they said they couldn't locate it and that the dashboard will have to come out!

I've taken the car away while they consult with the Ford dealer. In the meantime can anyone shed any light on the matterand confirmif the dash does need to be removed.

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Get them to start at section 412.04 of the TIS DVD or of their ETIS system
This refers to the climate control module which is what is to be replaced when only speed 4 works
The radio has to come out and the the dashboard console that surrounds it (perhaps this is the dasboard they mean)
Thanks Richard.

My model only has a standard heater system with manual air con, not climate control, does this make a difference?
I don't think so but that section then has several different alternative routes that they should be able to determine which they need to use
The resister can be accessed by unclipping the fuseboard and hinging it back, then reaching up behind the dash towards the middle behind the heater assy.
It can be done resonably easily without any dismantling.
I did mine last week and it took me about 30mins.
Its a bit fiddly to undo the two small torx screws that hod it in place as you can't see them but with some patience it can be done.
If you look up you can find it by following the four wires that run up behind the heater pack.
Greatly appreciated Gatekeeper
-did as you said and found the resistor with the plug hanging out!! Plugged it back in and now have all heater blower speeds

I took great pleasure in ringing the garage to tell them - so much for the bull they gave me about how it was working at PDI; it must have happened when air con was re-charged; need to take the dash out; wrong parts etc...........
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Glad you sorted it!
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