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HOW TO... HID bulbs

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I've just posted this on another site, (copy and paste is great!!) but I thought it might be appropriate to stick it here, if that's OK.

I've just completed an install of the HID's and took a few photo's along the way. If you are unsure about fitting them, then this may persuade you to do it....

First, remove the headlamp by removing the large silver screw at the top and push down the two retaining clips at the bottom of the unit

You can then tilt the light unit forward to gain access to the rear panel which covers the bulbs. You don't need to unplug the unit if you don't want, it's up to you. I didn't

Here's the picture with the cover removed. You remove it by gently pushing the four plastic clips away from the unit.

You then use the tool shown below to make a 21mm hole in the cover - this is so that you can thread the wires through to the ballast. Don't believe any website that says you can have HID bulbs without wiring - they'll just be normal halogen bulbs.

This shows the hole freshly drilled. Make sure it's smooth around the edges. I've put it in the corner as that's the most convenient place for the wiring to thread through.

the next photo shows the wiring through the hole and the rubber grommet in place. I always put vaseline around the rim so that moisture can't get through.

Here's the wiring poking through the other side. More vaseline.....

This can be a bit tricky - you'll have to remove the metal retaining clip for the old bulb (remove that as well!), place the HID bulb in the freshly vacates hole, and put the retaining clip back on. All this whilst you make sure the bulb doesn't touch anything or get moisture on it. The wires aren't too long so it can take a bit of time.

Place the spade terminals in the cars headlamp plug - my kit was strange in that it seemed to be reverse polarity. An hours worth of head scratching solved it (swap the wires round...)

Now plug in the wiring to the ballast. Replace the rear cover onto the headlamp unit and then put the headlamp unit back into place, in the reverse order to how ou removed it.

Here's the finished product;

Sorry if the guide's a bit basic, but it works. I did the best I could with the photo's, but they were taken on my mobile so aren't the sharpest.

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Excellent post thank you - I've been thinking of doing this for a while now so will give this a go sometime!
High intense discharge? I saw wheeler dealers on sky earlier..cool
im selling an h7 kit to fit a cmax at the moment if anyone is interested !!

50 watt(not the usual 35watt kits!!) 4300k out put

looking for £70posted ono for it


Hi all lippo r these road legal/MOT passable mate or will u just change them over again when your at that time??
Where did u get the kit from and how much was it??
If you purchase some projector lenses (and arguably washers) you can fit fully road legal HIDs. Just swapping the bulbs themselves over however isn't road legal.
Gepard said:
If you purchase some projector lenses (and arguably washers) you can fit fully road legal HIDs. Just swapping the bulbs themselves over however isn't road legal.
Correct. Plus the factory fitted HID needs to be self leveling via a potentiometer because when you drive uphill or down, you will blind oncoming motorists.
A halogen lens is not designed for the beam pattern and output from HID. I've been blinded by many aftermarket HID drivers as they simply dazzle.
Yes, according to traffic regs you do need to have washers and self-levelling headlamp units. These were written when HID's were rare. I've never had a problem with them as I just adjust the headlamp height slightly lower. My car has never failed the MOT and the beam pattern is fine. I know what you mean about dazzling HID's but the only cars that seem to do this are Mercedes and Audi's that are factory fitted!!

If you're concerned about any of this, don't fit them. If you want excellent vision at night and realise that you aren't going to get into any trouble for having them, stick 'em in!!
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