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horrible smell

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Hello,just got my cmax yesterday.ghia 1.8 reg 05.
love the look and feel of the car & my kids love the space but took it for a spin tonight and when i put the heater on there was a horrible smell coming out of the vents, can anyone help? please.
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I think we've discovered that if the vehicle has been stood for any time then you need to get the heater fully hot and run it like that for a while to try to reduce the smell
I'll give that a go thanks,but the smell is so bad it smells like antifreeze going straight to the back of my throat.
Hello again, just got back from a 45 min run & the car is still stinking.anymore ideas?
Hi & welcome,have you checked under the bonnet to see if there are any dead leaves wedged in anywhere?
I used to have a funny smell in mine,now he has to walk or catch the bus
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Have you tried emptying the screen washer bottle & refilling with new.Sometimes you can get a nasty stagnent smell when you use the screem washers.Might be worth a try.
Thanks for the ideas but its only there when i use the heaters.
Doesthe extent of the smell change if you use the fan and or the air conn (together or seperate)and different speeds and if you use the recirculated air as well

We might be able to eliminate various parts of the ducting / equipment
Have you tried changing the pollen filter because that can make the heater smell if it's not been renewed for a while.
When the fan is on 1,2,3 or 4 and hot its really bad its the same if the air conn is on or off and the recirculated,its not to bad when its on cold.
took car back to the garage tonight the sales man said it could be a leaking pipe on the heater matrix.
I had just started thinking along the same possibly expensive lines after reading that it appeared to rule out changes to any other part of the system especially after having re-read your initial post that it smelt like anti -freeze
Did the salesman say they would fix it for you?
Yes he said that theyll get it fixed but thinks its just a leaky pipe and if it is the heater matrix its not that tricky on this car(i think he is full of it,its a big job).
This is most likely to be a leaking heater matrix. It only needs a pin hole of a leak to soak into any sponge or packing witin the matrix shroud, when heated it stinks. Very unpleasant.
Good luck in getting this sorted. \winter coming
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Hello again got car back from garage,they say they have checked everything and could find no problems.Tonight took it for a run after 20mins the smell was back, my little doesnt feel to good could this be from the fumes still smells like antifreeze
I take it,you are gonna take it back again.I would & insist a tech is with you on a short drive & make sure you get the full smell `going` before you get there.
Its going back alright and if they dont sort it ill be asking for my money back.
car went back today,the manager wasnt to pleased when i gave him a letter saying that if the car is not sorted it 7days i will refuse the car and get a full refund.lets see what happens ill keep you informed.
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