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Hi there

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Hi Guys

I bought my girlfriend a 2005 Focus C-max 1.6 LX the other day. Great little car with only 16,000 miles on the clock and full FFSH and all for 5k. However it is due a service and I didn't want the place I bought it to do it as I want to keep the FFSH. How much should I be looking at roughly? One quote was £224. Is this about right. Sounds a bit steep for a little car. Any idea's?

Thanks in advance for your help
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Hi mikouk.

I presume that the price quoted is a Ford dealership price?
If so then sounds right, but do they have a Rapid fit next door? This a Ford owned fast fit service centre that will also do servicing and will stamp your book as well.
Not sure what they are like however as I have yet to use them.
I was quoted £240 for our next service which does not parts or £180 all in from Rapid fit using ford parts and I get Nectar points as well.

Ok thanks. Yes it was Ford dealership. i will check rapid fit out.
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What parts do they actually change in either of those figures?
Is it more than the oil and filter and possibly the pollen filter
I'll try and find out what "work" is done.
While looking at FFOC forum, I found this link, which should help on what they should do:
I've also seen that link, In fact I have copies.
Most of the items though say "Check" it isn't perhaps fully descriptive of what happens if the check comes up unsatisfactory
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