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Hi everyone

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Good to see a forum operating. We're looking to buy our firstC-max now. Probably 55 or 06 plate ideally 1.8 Zetec.

I'd be interested to hear views on the difference in performance between 1.6 and 1.8 petrol [i.e. does it make anoticeable difference]and whether any of you would recommend any of the Diesel models.

Thanks all,

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i currently have a 1.6, but i think i'd go for a 1.8 if i were you.
although i do love my 1.6 with the weight of the car its not the best on mpg, i get about 25 average a tank.
my friend has a 1.8 and gets 32 average a tank even though its a bigger engine.
we think its just because it doesnt have to struggle as much.
i've also had a 1.6 focus and that was a lot better performance wise than the cmax.
but after driving my friends 1.8 i did prefer that over mine and my old focus.
i now have a 2ltr tdci on order. and i get that mid january
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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