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Help with purchase!

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Looking to part ex my aged (but good) r reg galaxy for a 1 yr old new shape c max 1.8tdc1 forecourt price £10999 mileage 4500 only mint condition but concerned whether 1.8 is better for resale value / economy compared to 2 litre and 1.6

Also do most c max owners have just young children - perhaps I should really considera more traditionalsaloon our 3 'children'are aged 23 down to 19 and therefore mostly away from home!
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Greetings Topman.
I have a 13 yrs son & 18yrs daughter.She`s off to Uni,so it`s only 3 of us.I have a 2.0 TDCI and it`s perfect.More than enough space,plenty of ooommff & economical too.Don`t know much about the running of other models,all I know is that we are Very pleased with our choice & hope to get a second in the new year (yep,2.0 TDCI again).Good luck with your selection and hope you have many mile of happy C-Maxing
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One more thing,shop around before you buy,there are some exellent deals/bargins at the moment
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We have 2 dogs rather than children so similar but not the same

In respect of resale value
I think a major contributory factor may well be the amount of VED that is payable especially after the big increases forcast for budget 2009

check what the relevent CO2 figures are and the changes in VED between now and next year (Our 1.6TDCi at 129g is going DOWN by 25%) to £90
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