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Hi.. any advice or point me in right direction.
Just bought this.. 1.0 ecoboost grand c-max. 45,000 and only 1 owner.

Had engine light on when. Bought it and code was P0036 .. bought new bank 2 o2 sensor from Ford and been fitted 2 weeks now and light not come back...

What does happen is the info light comes on every now and then saying engine oil service due. Even though I've reset it via the pedals..

Also it's very very tappy the engine.. ive watched lots of videos and pretty sure mines alot louder. Also when I remove the oil cap it does have a smell of petrol . And I think my fuel consumption should be better then it is. It also seems very sluggish.. no warning lights on but does have no guts when accelerating

Any help or advice be appreciated

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