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Hi all, Im looking to buy a used cmax and am a bit confused at the differing spec's. I like the look of the Ghia model but I also see there is a titanium model. Am I correct in thinking that the model range changed in 2007 and the ghia effectivley became the titanium? I really do want a ggod spec, as new as poss model and so the above 2 models are my best choice.
Also I only do about 6000 miles pa and so I assume a petol model would be a better option as I assume they are a bit cheaper and mpg doesnt really concern me.

I have approx £11k to spend and would ask what model/year i could expect to get? Any tips or hints when looking?

I have run a 530D sport 2002 for a couple of years but its a bit big for the Mrs (and she wants an auto!!)
Thanks in advance for all of your help
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