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Help switching Xenons to LHD

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Ok, so I now know where to buy my replacement bulbs (actually got em off eBay for a very good price).

Dies anybody know how to switch the headlamps to LHD? I have a 53 plate C-Max 1.8 petrol Zetec.

I have read that beam benders do not work with Xenons, but there is apparently a switch somewhere to change the direction of the beam.

Has anybody heard of this/done it? If so, can you explain what the procedure is?

I am aware that you can get this done at the dealer but that they charge a ridiculous fee for what is supposedly a simple 5 minute job.

Thanks in advance!
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The adjustment levers are for the HID headlamps?

Is this what you have, If not then you won't have the lever. Otherwise it's a case of using the masking template.

I've got the pages from TIS for both if you PM me an email addy
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