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Help me please!

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I am ordering a new CMAX and have until Tuesday to cancel the order. I am expecting a baby and will be using a Maxi Cosi Cabrio car seat in the vehicle but canot find out if this is safe and will be compatible with the CMAX isofix. I understand that there are three types of Isofix: universal, semi universal and vehicle specific and no one seems able to tell be thich the Cmax has. The dealership cannot tell me, the Ford Customer Relationship centre cannot, the Ford Technical Helpline cannot, Maxi Cosi cannot, local rapidfit cannot - and I am running out of ideas! because we do not own the car we cannot take it to a Mothercare or a Halfords to test it out! Does anyone have any experience of using this seat in this car - I am desperate!
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Would you really cancel the order for a new car because your baby seat wont fit? Would it not be best to get the car, take it to mothercare, then go from there? Could you not sell the seat 2nd hand and buy one that does fit properly?

I have had a read up on it though and apparently the child seat manufacturers only test the seats in a certain number of cars, then only approve the seat for that car. According to the guidelines you should be able to contact maxi-cosi for a list of models they approve. It will still fit in other isofix cars however.

Good luck!
I just got an second hand C-Max, and like you, one of my criteria was isofix. I was told the rear seats have Isofix and they do. I removed the padding and identified the isofix points myself (two hook type things at the back of the seat base) and attached a standard maxi cosi isofix base, to fit our maxi cosi cabriolet. It was relatively straightforward and simple. The whole point with isofix is that is is standard across all cars and manufacturers.

I am sure I have fitted it correctly, but next time I pass a Ford dealership I will get them to have a quick look to check it out.

Hence I imagine the new CMax will have a similar set-up. Get the car first then work out what of the Isofix range will fit it...
Hi anxious,
Did you order in the end?
I found the following which may help anyone else

The ISOFIX System
With the emphasis on vehicle safety mainly falling on the front seat passengers, child protection used to be somewhat of an after thought. The ISOFIX system, for child seats and restraints goes some way to change this.
The ISOFIX system has been designed to make the car a children safe environment, even if they are not able to use the cars main restraints or seats. The ISOFIX system is a system of anchorage locations fitted to the seats of a vehicle to which a child's seat or booster cushion affixes.

Car manufacturers provide small, cheap and inconspicuous attachment points to the seats of their new vehicles, an ISOFIX seat then attaches to these points with a simple push fitting. These attachments points are in a standard location and use the same fixings in all vehicles, meaning child seats can be removed from one vehicle and fitted to another with the ISOFIX system installed.

The ISOFIX system has two anchorage points at the rear of a standard seat to which a ISOFIX enabled child seat affixes. The seat clips into the ISOFIX mountings, which in turn are securely fixed to the vehicles chassis. This means that once the seat is fixed then it won't move. It also means that you don't have to rely on the cars existing seat belts to secure the seat in position. Most ISOFIX seats have their own belt system for securing your child, be this a laptop or a four/five point harness system.

Because the car seat cushion is not standardised for height, angle and stiffness, seats using two-point ISOFIX have to be tested and approved for use in specific car models. This means they are tested in a specific model of vehicle and not on a universal test sled. This does have a down side that specific models can only be used on specific vehicles.
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