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Great to see so many users. As an owner to a 2013 Ford C-max Energi with 63,343 miles, I have seen a few problems and gotten a few resolved, and some intermittent problems still outstanding.
To date I have experienced the following:

1. Right front grinding noise which was the replacement of the right front axil assembly.
2. The loud clunking noise with griding bearing noise from the trans axil middle of front of the car, which was pulled out and replaced (Ford paid) TSB 20-2219. 60,343 miles
3. Now at 63,475 having intermittent Service engine light on, with Service wrench light on, and Vehicle plug in light on asking, is the vehicle plugged in several times? Shut off lock the car come back 30 minutes later, turn on, Engine service light on and green ready to drive light on and off we go driving. the code left BECM-B+EnergyCtrl ($7E4) P0D59 permanent. Pure FM!, as so many issues with the EV are.
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