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Hello - Cmax for 8 months now

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I replaced my old 1.9DT Scenic with a 2004 2.0TDCI Ghia 8 months ago now.
So far so good except for an alternator failure at 30,000 miles last month. Seems a common fault after a bit of reading here.

Other than that it has been great. Comparing it directly with the old Scenic this Cmax is far better. The seats are much more comfortable and my back has stopped aching. Engine much more punchy. Aircon better. I like the little extras liek the child mirror - v useful for watching our 2 in the back.

Fuel economy about the same. I use it through the week to get to work in stop/start traffic across town, so it'll never get to shine in those conditions (38mpg) but a long run shows its capable of turning in much better figures. The 6th gear helps for motorway work.

All in all, very pleased. I shall be on here regularlylooking for hints n tips for maintenance etc.

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Hi crankup,glad to have you with us.Next door neibours have a scenic & are gonna get a C-Max in the new year cos their fed up of me teasing them.
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