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Yes it does
If memory serves me right theres a self tapper on the top of the light unit and then you need a long screwdriver to push two long plastic clips that go from the front of the headlight to the metalwork at the front ofthe car.
Treat them gently. I broke one and they are about £17 from Fords.
Quiet a simple operation, plut it tells you haow to do it in the owners manual.



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I'll agree having done mine yesterday.
You can just about get to some of them with a thin hand

The self tapper is in fact a TORX so you should have a special bit but usually an allen key will do.
Halfords are still doing two for the price of one that includes these H1 & H7 bulbs in the super brilliance type.

PS based on having them previously in my focus they do throw more light on the road

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Having read several posts about replacement bulbs & xenon lights,I decided to have a look round.I found a company that sold Phillips X-power H7{dipped } for £29.99 inc per pair delivery.These have 80% brighter out put than standard.They arrived within 2 days of ordering.Have fitted them and result is truely amazing! I then ordered some main beam H1 Blue Vision Xenon effect.These were £19.99 inc delivery,again arrived in two days.These also came with a pair of light blue 5watt wedge bulbs for the side lights.Everything is now on and the light out put is exellent from both sets.
I ordered thise from
You also get a free gift if spending over £15.In each case I recieved a pair of 2 blue 5 watt wedge bulbs,so having read all posts about footwell lights and fitting white bulbs,I decided to put a pair in the footwell.Result is brighter lifgt with slight blue tint.Hey,Mood Lighting!
I used one of the other pair in the boot light having found the white light dissappointing,I now have a brighter boot.
Hope this info is useful to all.
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